Title: Firefall

Author: Peter Watts

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN: 178669610X

"Firefall" by Peter Watts is a riveting far-future science fiction saga that combines "The Freeze-Frame Revolution" and "The Island" into a single narrative. On February 13, 2082, sixty-two thousand mysterious objects plunge into Earth's atmosphere, igniting a quest to uncover their origin. Two ships, Theseus and Crown of Thorns, are launched to investigate, manned by crews who can barely be called human. Central to the story is the crew of the spaceship Eriophora, tasked with building wormholes across the galaxy under the guidance of an AI overseer, Chimp. As they encounter an alien species and grapple with the ethical implications of their mission, they face profound questions about humanity's evolution and relationship with technology. "Firefall" is an exploration of isolation, the passage of time, and the resilience of the human spirit. Acclaimed by authors like Charles Stross and Richard Morgan, Peter Watts delivers a masterful work of hard science fiction that will captivate readers.

Peter Watts, a reformed marine-mammal biologist, is the author of the Rifters trilogy and a winner of the Aurora, Hugo, and Shirley Jackson awards.

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